Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Disease

By Rheumamill

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Natural remedies for autoimmune disease

Natural Remedies for Rheumas

This week, I self-published my first book. For a while, Rheumatoid Arthritis patients have been asking me about natural remedies. In particular, natural remedies for illnesses and autoimmunity. It was such a huge topic so I had been putting off writing about it. I had gone back to revisit and plan a write-up on the topic multiple times. There was so much detail involved! It would have to have been a very long post or a series of posts. My readers would either stop reading or get bored of the topic.

Instead, I opted to write a book. The book is a result of the research I have done over the past decade. It acts as a guide for the natural remedies that is good for your immune system. I also detail the best place to source them. It is also a good holistic guide on how to prevent autoimmune disease. If this interests you, you can check out the book here. There is a 50% discount for all those that subscribe. Please check your emails for the discount code.

Natural remedies for autoimmune disease - herbs and essential oils for immunity

In this post, I am going to provide you with some of what is written in the book. Particular, I will go through how it pertains to Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is very important for me to freely share what I know with the Rheumatoid Arthritis community. I aim to lighten the load for those living with RA. This post will also go through the best natural supplement for autoimmune disease. There is also recommendations for vitamins that are helpful for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The holistic journey

My journey in holistic remedies actually began a decade ago when my son was diagnosed with Autism. During the early stages on his diagnosis, I immersed myself in the study of his condition and ways in which I could help him. This led me to learn a lot about gut health and it’s pivotal role in our overall wellbeing. Since my own diagnosis with RA, I have come to learn of the same relationship between gut health, the immune system and autoimmune diseases.

I have done numerous courses over the past decade on these topics. It’s so important to fully research and take an active part in your treatment. If you are looking to do a course to learn about holistic health management, I think a good starting point is this digital course based on Ayurveda. Although it’s a short course, it is packed with information specific to autoimmune disease and provides an overall holistic approach on how to manage rheumatoid arthritis.

Discover the Ayurvedic Wisdom on Preventing and Managing Autoimmune Conditions

Hard pill to swallow

When I first found out I had RA, I tried to reverse my autoimmune condition through holistic methods. This was not as helpful as I thought it would be. My disease had gotten so bad that I had to start taking medication. You can read more about that here.

I did not like the idea of taking meds one little bit. Before RA, my family and I hadn’t needed the doctor or a chemist in years. We rarely got sick. If any of us had any ailments, I would take care of the symptoms with natural remedies.

So starting the meds was a hard pill to swallow (pun very much intended). In saying that, I don’t regret that choice one little bit. I needed the meds to be able to get out of bed and move my body. In hindsight, I should’ve started on the meds sooner. I know I would have suffered less.

Consider the pain factor

For those who are new on their RA journey, take the medication prescribed by your rheumatologist. This is vital if you are in a lot of pain. Medication will ensure that your joints don’t sustain further damage. Once the pain factor is under control, you can work to reduce the medication. Using natural remedies for autoimmune disease will help this process. Autoimmune disease natural remedies also help to reduce the side effects caused by medication.

When I was first put on meds by my rheumy, I was on 16 pills a day. Within a year, I was down to 5 pills a day and life had almost gone back to normal. This was possible because I made changes to my nutrition. I also made sure that I exercised and complimented my treatment with functional medicine. You can read more about autoimmune disease diet and anti inflammatory foods here.

Medication to help function

Functional medicine, in respect to autoimmune disorders, is focused on finding the root cause of autoimmune conditions. Adopting functional medicine will also help to restore your system..

Our immune system operates to protect us from foreign bodies. These come in the form of bacteria, viruses and toxins. These foreign bodies usually enter our system from the gastrointestinal tract. In terms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, our immune response to these foreign compounds was inaccurate. This is, it incorrectly identified healthy cells as foreign cells. The autoimmune response is not what we try to target with functional medicine. Functional medicine tries to treat the immune system itself. It also tries to target the inflammation caused by inflammatory conditions.

The Cure

Unfortunately there is no quick fix by way of autoimmune disease treatment. Always stay clear of anyone that claims to be able to cure autoimmune disease in 30 days. I won’t tell you how to treat autoimmune disease quickly because that is relative to the person. But you can reverse autoimmune symptoms by adopting a combination of good nutrition and natural remedies for autoimmune disease over time.

Can autoimmune disease be cured? Is there an autoimmune disease cure?

There are many people who claim to know how to cure autoimmune disease naturally. You will also come across many that try to sell miracle natural cures for autoimmune disease. I am not stating that these people wrong but autoimmune healing is dependent on many factors and does not work for everyone the same way.

There are many factors deciding how effective autoimmune diseases treatment can be. These are:

  • Any known allergies
  • Severity of symptoms
  • How long you have had the disease or symptoms
  • Age
  • Genetic
  • Lifestyle before diagnosis

Look to the source

How to heal autoimmune disease using natural remedies also depends on where you are sourcing from. Not all herbs, essential oils and supplements were created equal. It is very important to look into brands, as well as where and how they procure their products. How brands sell their products is also important. MLM (multi-level marketing) companies have a huge following, especially on social media. Their popularity is largely because their members stand to gain from it. I’m not saying MLMs are bad, it’s just something to keep in mind.

When it comes to natural remedies, I always try to source the organic kind. Sourcing them organically reduces your exposure to pesticides and toxins that are used in conventional farming. It has been proven that these toxins weaken the immune response. This makes us more vulnerable to illness. There is also evidence to suggest that pesticides can promote the initiation of an autoimmune response leading to autoimmune disease.

Treat the symptoms

When I talk about healing autoimmune disease, I am not talking about finding a cure. I am pointing to the treatment of symptoms using natural treatment for autoimmune disease. Symptoms include inflammation, fatigue, brain fog and chronic pain to name a few.

The use of natural remedies for autoimmune disorders is common practice around the world. All the autoimmune disease alternative treatment that I refer to in my book and in this article include, but are not limited to Chinese herbs for autoimmune disease and Ayurvedic treatment for autoimmune diseases.

Natural remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

To make it simple, I have listed some of the best natural remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis in table format below.

AshwagandhaHerbReduce inflammationStarwest Botanicals
B VitaminSupplementHelp with pain
Nerve regeneration
BoswelliaHerbImmune responsiveStarwest
Cat’s ClawHerbIncreases white blood cell production
Calm overactive system
Chaga MushroomHerbImmune modulator
Clove BudOilOne of the highest level antioxidant oilsStarwestEcodropEco Modern Essentials
EucalyptusOilEnhances Phagocytic response (eliminating foreign bodies)StarwestEcodropEco Modern Essentials
FrankincenseOilAnti-inflammatoryAmrita AromatherapyEcodropEco Modern Essentials
Green TeaHerbAntimicrobial
High in antioxidants
Helps insomnia
Lemon Balm LeafHerbAids brain fog
Protective antioxidants
Lion’s ManeHerbAnti-inflammatory
Boosts gut health
MagnesiumSupplementPowerful anti-inflammatoryNourished LifeNourished LifeNourished Life
PeppermintOilAntioxidant power
Helps with brain fog
Aids fatigue symptoms
StarwestEcodropEco Modern Essentials
Kefir or
Improves gut health
RehmanniaHerbAdaptogen (bodily stress reliever)Starwest
Reishi MushroomHerbAlters white blood cells
Specific to joint treatment
Hawaii Pharm
Thunder GodHerbAnti-inflammatory
Vitamin DSupplementImportant for bones and musclesiHerbiHerbiHerb
WormwoodHerbHigh in antioxidants
Reduces joint pain
Herbal Terra
YuccaHerbPowerful anti-inflammatory compounds
High in antioxidants

Herbs & Essential Oils for Immunity

For more in-depth detail, you can check out my book here. If you decide to purchase, subscribe to the email list. I will send a 50% discount code to all those on the email list. There is also a free gift with the book.

Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Disease